Co-Writing Preparation

NSAI Tulsa Songwriters,


Co-writing is where it's at today, be it Nashville, L.A., or New York.  It's natural for most songwriters to be wary of the process as they began their endeavors in a solitaire mode.  In our next workshop we'll look at how one of todays iconic writers learned to cope with fear in his first high profile collaboration.  His demeanor going in, "Was I intimidated by the prospect of this collaboration? No, intimidated doesn't even come close to describing how I felt.  Terrified, petrified, and panic-stricken come much closer".  We'll find out what his solution was and how we can use the same solutions in our songwriting.  Look for details of next week's Oct. 18th. meeting coming soon!


It All Begins With A Song,


Larry Justice

Chapter Coordinator