LIVE: Member Milestones Panel

Weekly Nashville Workshops

Thu, 10/01/2020 - 5:45pm

NSAI members Sarah Jones, Emily Kroll, AJ Smith, and Ron Bultonguez will gather on a Zoom hang with YOU to discuss their respective milestones, and how they are making these great strides. Originally from North Carolina, Sarah Jones is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter. Sarah’s songs have been recorded by emerging country artists such as Priscilla Block (“Thick Thighs”), Hasting & Co. (“Brunch Drunk”, “Here Comes White Claws”), and Emily Daniels (“Ex on the Beach”). Emily Kroll is a Nashville native and country/pop songwriter. She and Sarah Jones' most recent success is co-writing Priscilla Block’s new single “Just About Over You”. The song charted #1 on All-Genres and Country iTunes charts 12 hours after its release. It has gone on to be featured on Sirius XM The Highway, The Bobby Bones show, Rolling Stone, and Billboard. AJ Smith is an up-and-coming pop artist and writer whose most recent release, "Billy Joel" was not only featured in American Songwriter, SiriusXM, ABC News Radio, Medium, and more, but caught the ear of Billy Joel himself, leading to an invitation to open for the 'Piano Man' in 2021. AJ recently moved to Nashville from NYC, where he attended NYU, and is a Songwriters Hall of Fame Abe Oleman songwriting scholarship recipient and proud NSAI member. 



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