McKenzie Parker


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Hendersonville, TN


What made you fall in love with music?

I can’t remember a time I wasn’t obsessed with music. Since I was very young I would always sing and perform in front of family members. Once, I was in middle school I started playing the clarinet, and then from there I picked up guitar and piano. Currently, I’m learning how to play the fiddle. I always tell people that I have a personal vendetta to learn how to play all the instruments. Ultimately, music is a universal language, it evokes change, passion and creativity. 


Best concert you have ever been to?

I had the opportunity to see Bon Iver this past October, I really respect the music Justin Vernon writes and I enjoy how inventive the sounds are that the band produces.


What genre of music do you listen to the most?

I’m really into Indie music and I love rock driven genres. I will say recently I’ve quite enjoyed the DIY scene that has grown here in Nashville, there is something special about this underground scene and I’m excited to see it grow.


Who’s your favorite artist/band?

Oh goodness! There are so many! Some of my favorite artist include The Rolling Stones, Bon Iver José Gabriel González, and Sufjan Stevens. 


What drew you to NSAI? 

I was drawn to NSAI because the staff was extremely nice and helpful, but also for what we do for songwriters.


Favorite Nashville restaurant?

Chagos is by far my favorite restaurant in Nashville. They have wonderful gluten free options and I love a decent marg!!