Fri, Dec 19, 2014


Pitch to Publisher and Song Feedback Night Guidelines
The three rules:

1. Bring with you:
   a. one song on CD, with your contact info and name of song
   b. two typed lyric sheets with your contact info and name of song on them, and
   c. your membership card. 
   d. attach your membership card and lyric sheet to the CD with a rubber band.

   e. please be sure all of your contact information is on every item you turn in 
2. Improperly prepared entries will not be accepted. No live performances. No lyric-only feedbacks.
3. Only NSAI members may submit songs. The member must be present. Someone else may not submit the song for the member.

The four disclaimers:

1. Often we have more than 70 writers submitting songs, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all songs will be heard. Guests will play only a verse and chorus in the interest of time.
2.   We stop at 9 p.m. sharp, out of consideration for our guests. We appreciate your understanding.
3. Please remember, this is not a one-on-one evaluation. Do not engage the guests in excessive discussions about your song.
4. Be respectful of our guests and do not detain them after the meeting is adjourned.

If you have questions about NSAI Workshops, call or email Leslie at 615-256-3354 or 800-321-6008 or

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