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Example of Full Song Evaluation

Example of Full Song Evaluation:

Username: JoeSongwriter
Full Name: Joe Songwriter
Email Address:

Song Title: "Joe’s Song"
Genre: Country
Evaluation Method: Lay it on me. I can take it!
The submitter is singing on this submission.
This is not a re-write of a previous submission.
Thank you for using the evaluation service at NSAI. I am evaluator 13.
Although my critique is based on my professional experience please remember that it is only my opinion...hopefully my observations and suggestions will help you to become more adept in your craft and get your songwriting where you want it to be. I will try to touch upon the main areas that need attention.

We are here to serve you in your pursuit of the heart and craft of songwriting so embrace the fact that we are all still learning and use the information to improve your writing. I am passionate about songwriting and love songwriters and want to help you any way that I can but remember that it's hard work, involves lots of rejection and ultimately your own passion for songwriting is what will make you successful at it. We are here to serve the songs. Thanks and let's get started...

FORM/STRUCTURE: verse/chorus/bridge form

HOOK/IDEA: I like this hook, it's original and memorable and the story is interesting and believable. The lyric is well structured and the story is clear with some nice images and fresh ideas. Good work!

LYRIC: Good craft...form is good and the lyric is conversational and sounds good when sung. No issues here.

MELODY/METER (IF APPLICABLE): Musically it works for the verses. It starts out strong in the chorus although melodically it's pretty traditional and predictable. The chorus kind of stalls out on the last 3 lines. I understand that you were going for something unexpected but what the chorus needs there is a repeat of how it starts to give it some memorability. I would experiment there and see how you can get the momentum to keep going.

COMMERCIAL VIABILITY: Has potential to be commercial, tweak to keep momentum.

CLOSING COMMENTS: Joe, I like the creativity of the story; how you tell a familiar story in a fresh way. The only part the song needs attention in is the chorus melody to make it more powerful and feel completed. Good work. Keep at this and send in more songs. I'd love to hear them. You are very talented.
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