ole Chapter Challenge - MEMBERS ONLY!

Weekly Nashville Workshops

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 6:00pm

NSAI has teamed up again with ole for the NSAI ole Chapter Challenge! NSAI members will get a chance to be considered for a single-song contract with ole.

If you are an active NSAI member in good standing, you will have the opportunity to play a song for the Nashville chapter on Thursday, April 18th at 5:30pm. We will begin PRECISELY at 6pm so NO late submissions after that time will be accepted. Absolutely NO exceptions. Please bring an mp3 version of your song if possible. Recordings will be accepted but not encouraged for time’s sake. No live performances will take place.

We will split into groups according to volume of submissions and vote for each room’s favorite. There will be one winner in each room. Those songs will advance to a final round (within the same meeting). All groups will go to the studio for the final vote. Once group has heard each room’s winning song, the entire group will vote. Nashville’s chapter winner and runner-up will be announced at end of meeting. If you submit a song at beginning of night, you must stay for final vote.

The NSAI listening committee will narrow down the submissions and submit to ole.

The creative team at ole will listen to the final submitted songs and take them into consideration for a single song contract!

** NSAI Members-Only – Due to the concept of the ole Chapter Challenge, no guests are allowed to audit this workshop. If you are not a member by 6pm on April 18th, you will not be allowed in.