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Weekly Nashville Workshops

Thu, 04/26/2018 - 5:45pm

Dale is Senior Vice President of Big Deal Music Nashville working with amazing songwriters Brett Beavers, Brad Tursi, Dave Berg, Bonnie Baker, Jason White, Driver Williams (and more) and incredible colleagues among which are Pete Robinson, Greg Gallo and Kim McCollum. As owner of Dale Bobo Music Direction, Dale provided management to writers, producers and publishers. Clients included hit songwriter/producers Jeff Stevens and Brett Beavers and hit songwriter Jim McCormick. While EVP of Chrysalis Music, Dale oversaw all aspects of the Nashville office working with hit producer/writers Brett Beavers and Jeff Stevens and hit songwriters Danny Orton and Jim McCormick. Dale was brought in by Los Angeles based publisher Kenny Macpherson, President of Chrysalis North America and later founder of Big Deal Music. For many years Dale was SVP/GM of Warner/Chappell Nashville where he lead a formidable staff of publishing enthusiasts celebrating 22 number one records and working with hit writers Marv Green, Steven Dale Jones, Wendell Mobley, Tim Nichols, John Rich, Wynn Varble, Chris Wallin and others. Creative staffers included Kos Weaver, Cris Lacy, BJ Hill and Alicia Pruitt. Rusty Gaston and Dale established the successful This Music venture during this time. Dale has served on the Board Of Directors of The Academy Of Country Music and the Country Music Association, is a former chairman of the Copyright Society Of The South, is a Leadership Music Alumnus (class of 1995) and a member of the Association of Independent Music Publishers where he currently serves on the Board Of Directors for the Nashville chapter. Dale's publishing career began in the Nashville office of Chappell/Intersong where he ran the tape room and, learning from the great Celia Froelig, Pat Rolfe and Henry Hurt, pitched songs at every opportunity. After the acquisition of Chappell by WB Music in 1987, Tim Wipperman brought Dale over to plug songs which he did happily for many years