Pitch to Publisher with Will Overton (Warner/Chappell)

Thanks to Will Overton for joining us last week for Pitch to Publisher night! 

Shoutout to the following songwriters' whose songs were taken:

"Kiss Me When You're Tipsy"- Randy Davis/T. Chandler
"Whiskey Business"- Sean Swenson/J.Miller/J.Robert/B. Smith
"On Saturday"- Lorelei Ellis/ S. Lawrence
"Feelin' Good"- Jared Daniels/B. Chaffin/J. Mc.Elroy
"Just A Rock"- Jedidiah Freiheit/B. Rainwater
"Love, Life, and Baseball"- Ken Wall/Landon Wall
"I Won't Let You Go"- Josh Willcutts
"Ready For You"- Michelle Pereira

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