PRO TEACHER: Larry Butler

Weekly Nashville Workshops

Thu, 04/04/2019 - 5:45pm

Ten Things You Need To Know and Do BEFORE You Decide to Become a Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Entertainer/Artist

Larry Butler has devoted his entire life to the live performance side of the music business. He played keyboards and guitar in bar bands during high school and college in Ohio, which evolved into club and concert promoting, and then tour manager for such artists as Randy Newman, Ry Cooder and Isaac Hayes. Those efforts led to 20+ years at Warner Bros. Records as VP Artist Relations. Although the focus at WBR was to utilize touring to sell records, he also coached many young artists in performance, staging and media relations.

Larry now heads up his own copmany, Did It Music, in Nashville. His focus these days is teaching young singer/songwriter/performers in the art of becoming experienced artist/writer/entertainers. His most recent book is "The Singer/Songwriter Rule Book: 101 Ways To Help You Improve Your Chances Of Success", which is available at Amazon in digital and print.