Weekly Nashville Workshops

Thu, 10/25/2018 - 5:45pm

Megan Eyre Terwilliger is the operator of M.E.T. Studio of Voice, a growing studio in Nashville. Here, she aims to create a safe environment in which students can learn, experiment, and thrive using whatever natural gifts he or she has. Megan believes effective teaching takes study, careful listening, expectation, anticipation, observation, and above all else, patience and laughter, so that each student can be the best singer he or she can be. With a knowledge of current scientific findings, Megan guides and encourages each student through an artful study of music. Additionally, Megan was recently named a grantee of THRIVE micro-funding, which will allow her to complete a semester-long program called, Generations of Expression through Music. This project is funded in part by the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission. To know more about how Megan teaches, try out her exercises on Spotify or visit her YouTube channel.

For our workshop, Megan will be teaching members how to achieve vocal balance and giving a lesson on the basics of singing!