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In observance of Memorial Day to honor all of those who have sacrificed for our country, NSAI will be closed on Monday, May 27th, 2019.

 Mail-In Song Evaluations:

*Please note* Mail in submissions are only assigned to evaluator #37446. If you would like to request a different evaluator you must submit your song online.

Instructions for Mail- In Evaluations:

1. Make sure you have checked the CD, flash drive, or cassette tape (on which you have recorded your song) and ensure that it plays from beginning to end. Label it with your name, the song title and your phone number.

 2. Include a CURRENT lyric sheet. Whatever is being sung on your recording should be what is printed on your lyric sheet.

 3. Be sure to completely fill out and sign the consent form for each song you submit.

 4. Create a return envelope (back to you). Address a small padded envelope to yourself and place NSAI’s return address in the upper left corner. Do NOT seal the envelope. Stamp your return envelope with the proper postage. We do not pay for your return postage.

Click here to print a blank consent form: PDF icon Eval_Consent_Form.pdf

If you need to reach the Evaluations Department, please e-mail Whitney Ingram at