"Surviving A Cowrite"

Cowrite - noun -  A collaboration between two or more songwriters to bring to life a song from a germ of an idea.   May produce feelings of terror or exhilaration.  It has been proven the antidote for terror is repeated participation.  Unfortunately, despite best efforts by science  exhilaration is a life long affliction with no cure in sight.

In our upcoming workshop we'll explore the first cowrite of a college professor of lyric writing with a professional songwriter.  Sample dialog of that first meeting.*
Songwriter: "Is that door closed?"
Professor:  "Yes it is."
Songwriter:  "Good, I'm glad it's closed because you can probably tell by looking at me that I'm gonna say some of the dumbest things you've ever heard."
We'll also wrap up our current cowriting "Big Dawg Songwriter Competition", "Love Lives Here".  We'll announce the winning entry selected by our "Big Dawg Songwriters Academy" and award trophies  and swag to the deserving writers.  Currently, writers with two wins in our series are Jerry Emanuel and Larry Justice.  Will there be a three peat?  The drama is building!  Look for coming details and make plans to be there!
It All Begins With A Song
Larry Justice
Chapter Coordinator
Nashville Songwriters Assn
*Writing Better Lyrics"  Pat Pattison