Trina Lloyd-Weidner

Satellite Beach, Florida 

How long have you worked at NSAI?
Since November 2015

What made you fall in love with music?  
For as long as I can remember I have loved music.  It draws you in naturally and can evoke memories and an emotional response from just about anybody. That's what makes music so powerful and beautiful at the same time.  
What was your first concert?  
Billy Joel at a USO show in the Philippines. 
What genre of music do you listen to the most?  
Definitely Country.  However Rock, Blues & Jazz are constantly in my rotation as well.  
Who is your favorite artist/band?  
Garth Brooks is by far my favorite artist.  The rest of my top 10 list is ever changing. 
What do you like most about working at NSAI?  
I'm excited to build connections with the creators of music.  I am fascinated by the way their minds work and look forward to seeing them grown in their craft.