Tulsa Chapter Ole Challenge Winner

Congradulations to Kallie Medley for rising to the top in our 2019 Ole Challenge extended to each chapter by our NSAI Headquarters Team and Ole Publishing in Nashville. This qualifies Kallie's heart felt composition "Burn It Down" to be condidered for a single song contract with Ole. The kind of loyal love found in this art piece makes it a jewel of a story. We're all rooting for her and can't wait to hear what flows from her pen next. We're proud of you Kallie!

Congradulations To Matt Shannon for a close runner up effort simply titled "Dandelion". Matt and co-writer Brett Richisin cleverly constructed this deep look at the realities that color a hard life and the courage to own it.


Congratulations to Doris DeArmon, Ryann Hamilton and Jerry Emanuel for their recent win in the Big Dawg co-write song competition hosted by the Tulsa NSAI Chapter. All three left the house with Beautiful trophies, bragging rights for a season and each were awarded a certificate good for one free hour of recording time at Drapp studio here in Tulsa. They along with all groups participating wrote an original composition around the theme or hook - Rose Without A Vase. Congrats again team! Special thanks to Louis Drapp for his gracious contribution to our group.