Andi Gilberti

Andi Gilberti graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in 2016. As a Marketing Major, Andi gained experience in a wide range of internships - from a locally-owned whiskey distillery in Indiana to an international Flamenco Agency in Seville, Spain. Determined to put her skills to use in the country music industry, Andi moved to Nashville in 2016, just 6 days after her college graduation. Shortly after the move, she landed at Magic Mustang Music as a Publishing/Creative Coordinator. Andi worked with a diverse roster of songwriters and artists during her two years as a part of the BBR Music Group family. She looks forward to working with her favorite people in Nashville - songwriters!

What made you fall in love with music?

My dad loved country music and listened to our hometown radio station whenever he got the chance. I was hooked on Montgomery Gentry, Shania Twain, and Alan Jackson before I was 5!

Best concert you have ever been to?

Garth Brooks at Bridgestone. I’ve never seen a performer control a crowd the way Garth can. He’s a force of nature.

Who’s your favorite artist/band?

Dolly Parton – I even have a Golden Retriever named Dolly!

Favorite part about what you do? 

The amazing group of women (and Bart) that I get to work with and learn from every day! I am so incredibly thankful for this team and have found some of my best friends at NSAI. 

Favorite Nashville restaurant?


Favorite place in the world?

Bloomington, IN – Go Hoosiers!!