Greetings, Songwriters!
We'll be meeting on Thursday, February 20, for a co-writing workshop. There's no better way to build your songwriting and people skills than working with other songwriters to create a song. Lasting collaborative relationships and completed songs have resulted from past co-writing workshops, but whatever the result, you'll learn and benefit from the experience!

Thursday, February 20, 2020, 7 - 10 PM
Messiah United Methodist Church
527 Ridge Pike
Lafayette Hill PA 19444 (Parking in back)

We'll be breaking into small groups (2-5, depending on number attending) to co-write. Everyone is encouraged to bring a song idea that THEY ARE WILLING TO SHARE (a song concept, a title or hook, or a partial-unfinished lyric), which they’ll share with their group. The group will then choose an idea from among those suggested, or come up with a new one. We'll reconvene to talk about our experiences with our groups, and share what we've written. We'll also briefly look at what’s involved on the “business side” of co-writing, regarding agreements, publishing, and more. Bring your guitar, or small keyboard.

Normally, co-writing workshops take up most of the evening... but, IF TIME ALLOWS, we'll do song evaluations. Be prepared by bringing 10 lyric sheets for the best feedback, MP3 on phone, CD, or perform live.


Do I have to RSVP for Thursday's workshop? Please let me know when you have a moment as I am interested in attending.

All the best,

Joe Mulroy