February 2021 Exercises

Being an NSAI Member means you are part of one of the largest songwriting communities in the world! When you sign up to be a member, you have access to our Member Directory. It is a specific portal with filtering abilities to help you find YOUR ideal co-writing camp by taking your profile to the next level using these suggestions:
1. Make sure your account information is up to date and that you have clicked the box enabling you to receive email messages. This will ensure that other members can message you through our portal and that you will receive an email letting you know you have a message in your inbox.
2. Fill out your bio and keep it current. Your bio is the first snapshot another member will read about your songwriting journey. Be sure to keep it somewhat short and concise. It will keep members engaged.
3. Keep your profile songs up to date. When you write a new song, it is often your favorite for a while and your profile should reflect the songs you are MOST proud of at that moment. Those songs describe you as a writer and will showcase your writing style to future co-writers!
4. Check your message inbox! There have been many missed co-writes over the years for members who do not check their NSAI message inbox. Be sure you can be contacted because if your ideal co-writer finds you and can’t get in contact, you may miss that hit cut!
5. Write with new people. It is great to have a circle you rely on to find co-writes with. It is also beneficial to find new co-writers to keep your style fresh and versatile. Try using our member directory to find a new co-writer each month of your membership. You will be surprised how your songwriting camp grows in just one year!