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In this week's video, pro writer Jimmy Yeary explains how he gets inspiration for his melodies.

Melody Exercise #1

Choose a song you love and rearrange the chords – e.g., make the verse chords the bridge and the bridge chords the verse. Now, sing a new melody line to fit.

Melody Exercise #2

This exercise is meant to be used after you watch Dave Isaac's video.

Find a free music notation software like or Once you’ve downloaded it and familiarized yourself a little, enter your melody’s music notes, print them, and draw a continuous line beginning with the first note and stopping at the last note. This is your melodic contour, and it is a way to visualize the melody of your song.

Melody Exercise #3

Dummy syllables such as la, or da, or na, etc. can help you with a new melody. Choose a rhythm pattern or drum loop, record a few chords to that rhythm using either piano or guitar, and then formulate a melody using dummy syllables (da, na, la, etc). Play with different rhythms and timing on different beats.

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