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We've had a star-studded month of content with writers like Marshall Altman and Shane McAnally. In our final "idea" installment, learn how long Marv Green hangs onto a song idea, what to do when an idea just isn't working, and more! Watch now.


Song inspiration and ideas come from so many places; a quote, a commercial, or reading can inspire a writer. There is no one correct way to come up with a great idea. What matters is what you do with that idea when it comes to you! Check out where pro writers Shane MacAnally, Marv Green, Jimmy Yeary, and Seth Mosley get their ideas, and what they do with them in this month's blog post.

Idea Exercise #1

Random Idea Generator: Grab the third book on your bookshelf. Turn to page 54. Read the sixth sentence. Use those words to jumpstart a song (adapted from Joel Mabus). ***Be sure to share your experience with this exercise in our forums***

Idea Exercise #2

A Story Worth Telling: Visit your local paper’s obituaries online, or pick up the Sunday paper and flip to the obituaries. Read through them. What interesting lives are you imagining? Is there something striking about someone’s life? Write a song based on the most fascinating person.

Idea Exercise #3

On the Silver Screen: If your life was a Hollywood movie, write the original song that would play in the credits. (credit:/u/curtithird)

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