March 2020 Sync Series Exercise

As you venture through our Sync Series, take a look and answer these questions.



Video 1 – Introduction to Sync

1. Where might you hear a sync placement when no dialogue is taking place?

2. Where do most sync placements take place?

3. Should you notice the music playing for sync?

4. Who oversees placing songs?

5. Should I fade my song out?


Video 2 – How to get Music Signed

1. Why would you sign a song to a sync company or production music libraries?

2. What are the two types of sync companies? 

3. How can I find sync companies?

4. Tip Sheets are a good reference to find out what sync companies are looking for?

5. Should I fill out split sheets and releases before recording my song I wrote for sync?


Video 3 – How Sync Music Pays and Kinds of Deals

1. What are the three ways to make money in sync?

2. What deals are available for sync music?

3. Is exploiting a copyright a bad thing?

4. Should I copyright my song before submitting it for sync? 

5. Should I get involved with sync writing?