Mariah Topel (LBK Publishing)

12/05/2017 - 5:00pm

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• Creative Director
o Upon graduating college, she began her career supporting writers and artists including heading up the merchandise operations for artist development company Be Music and Entertainment. Mariah's experiences range from digital marketing, merchandising, artist management and music publishing. Her move into publishing came into play about a year into her career in the role of business and creative services manager for LBK Entertainment and Music Publishing. Her unique ability to mentor both the creative and business assets of songwriter's careers led her to become both creative director and a partner in LBK Publishing.
• LBK primarily works with Pop, Country and Christian music.
• I look for songs with great melodies and meaningful lyrics. I’m always listening for an impactful line or really smart lyric. I look for songs with depth, authenticity and feeling to them.
• LBK Entertainment started in 2011 and has functioned in multiple areas of the industry. Originally functioning as an artist development company, LBK focused on creating music and video through artist management, music publishing, recording, events and the production of original programming for television. Each area functioning as a way to support the artists and writers. In 2016 LBK spun off the management and events divisions of operations to focus primarily on music publishing. Currently, LBK Publishing services a song catalog of over 2,500 songs from 22 catalog writers including the likes of Andrew Ripp, Zane Williams, and Trent Willmon, in addition to their active writers, Ivory Layne, Regie Hamm and Jasmine Murray.