May Sync Exercises


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Take the following synopsis and create the song you think would premiere in the trailer: An Irish businesswoman is sent on a work assignment to the hills of Tuscany where life is all about wholesome people. Anxious to fit in, she lies about herself to a quick-witted street performer and their attraction is palpable. But one thing stands in the way – she can't figure out what she wants.

In our forums, explain why you made the musical choices you did. Would you have an easier time crafting music from a verbal prompt like this, or an already-filmed scene?


(Best to do at a chapter meeting)

Product Placement: Have members pair up with one another. One member is responsible for picking an object in the room… any object. With the object in hand/mind they must come up with a commercial “on the spot.” They need to convince the other members why they need this object in their lives. The other member is responsible for writing a jingle to be sung/played at the end of the commercial pitch.

***The pair determines who does what – let them hash it out, but quickly!

*** Give each member an appropriate amount of time to come up with their assigned parts (you can determine this; however long you think it’ll take them to write a jingle). Each pair will present their product and their jingle. Have the other members vote on their favorite!