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Join us for this month's exclusive content featuring tips from Pro Writers, exercises you can do at home, and more!  This month we focus on pitchings songs, from both the songwriter's perspective and the publisher's perspective.  Check back weekly for brand new videos, blogs, exercises, and the Nashville Workshop livestreams! 

Week 1

VIDEO: Barry Dean on the Importance of Having a Team

BLOG: 5 Tips to Navigating Your Songwriting Journey (Throwback Blog)

Week 2

VIDEO: The "Crazy Pitches" Plugging Group Explains What These Groups Do (Part 1 of 2)


In part one of this video, Hannah Showmaker, Creative Director at Big Loud Shirt; Ciara Shortridge, A&R Representative at Disney Music Group; and Chelsea Kent, Creative Director at Still Working Music, are all members of the "Crazy Pitches" Plugging Group. In this video, they discuss what a plugging group is and how this type of collaboration between employees of different publishers can actually help garner success for all of their individual companies. Stay Tuned for Part Two!

Songwriting Exercises:

Proudly Patriotic: The 4th of July prompts people to listen to patriotic songs year after year. Songs like “Born in the USA” and “Party in the USA” are favorites all year round, but get played heavily near Independence Day. Challenge yourself to write a song to appeal to the public’s sense of patriotism, but can also be enjoyed and appreciated throughout the year.
Christmas in July: Christmas and holiday songs are usually pitched for albums in the spring and summer. Take a break from the summer heat and try to write a winter classic!





Week 3

VIDEO: The "Crazy Pitches" Plugging Group Explain What These Groups Do (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 2 of this interview, Hannah Showmaker, Ciara Shortridge, and Chelsea Kent continue their discussion on how a plugging group can bring success to their individual companies.



Week 4





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