November 2021 Exercises


  • ResearchWhen it comes to learning the ins and outs of the music industry, it is paramount that you do your research. Take some time to look at 5 publishing companies you have heard of. Who is on their artist/songwriter roster? Make a note of 5 artists/songwriters on their list and listen to some of their songs. What sets them apart? What is different about the melody and structure of their songs? What do you think makes them a hitmaker? 



  • Preparing for a Meeting: As you are on your journey as songwriter there will be many opportunities to have meetings with an array of industry professionals from publishers, producers, A + R developers, music supervisors, NSAI Member Representatives, etc. In those meetings, it is important to be prepared, professional, and concise about your needs. Take some time to prepare for a mock meeting. What 2 songs will you choose to show who you are as a writer? What are you looking to gain by putting your music out there? What are some other artists that you sound like? What sets you apart from other artists? To further this exercise, set up a meeting with one of NSAI’s own member representatives. 


  • Celebrate your Success: We often will chart out big goals like getting a publishing deal, having a song placed on the radio, having a big artist put one of your songs on hold, etc. And though these are great after trying to reach them we sometimes forget to celebrate the small successes we achieve every day as writers/artistsLook at this past year and come up with 15 different things worth celebrating regarding your songwriting.