NSAI 50 Moments in History

Each week of 2017 we'll look back on 50 milestones in NSAI's history! We look forward to looking back on all the organization has experienced and accomplished. Check back here each week for the most recent NSAI 50 Moment.

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January 19, 2017 - On January 1, 2008 NSAI assumed ownership of the legendary Bluebird Cafe, America’s premier songwriter performance venue.  Erika Wollam-Nichols, who worked at NSAI at the time and had previously worked at the Bluebird Cafe, was named General Manager.

January 9, 2017 - In mid-November, 1967, Eddie Miller developed the nucleus of the idea for a songwriter advocacy trade association and presented it to fellow songwriters Buddy Mize and Bill Brock during lunch at Ireland's restaurant in Nashville. They were all excited by the idea and decided to move forward to create the Nashville Songwriters Association.