NSAI Weekly Workshop featuring Derek Wells


Thank you so much for that information. It was very helpful, clear, and informative. Great speaker.

I am from Johnstown, PA. I composed the lyrics and music which I registered for a copyright of a song that I am very excited about. I have a professional piano player, a professional guitarist, and a male and female singer (who are also professionals) in the process of having a Johnstown recording studio produce a recording of it. My intention is to have that version sent to a "sessions" production house in Nashville, TN to make a demo to have an artist perform the song, or at least entertain performing the song. The artist that the song fits well with is in terms of personality, what their philosophy is, and what they most often sing about, and write songs about is Dolly Parton. I am 70 years old and have been married for 50 years to the same person...Dolly is 74 and has been married 54 years. I started out poor, and have done well. Dolly started out poor and has done extremely well. The song reflects back on our lifestyle that we grew up with in the 1950's and draws parallels between that lifestyle and the lifestyle that we are living with in these COVID-19 Pandemic times. It has had rave reviews from people that have heard it, even with me singing and playing it which is poor at best. However, I want a much better more competitive version of it before I send it to a Nashville Sessions Production type house. That is what I am in the process of, and it should be completed within the next few weeks. Do you have any additional tips, or opinions, for me given my objectives for the song, other than all the information that I listened to in your workshop, which I must say was right on point for me tonight. Thank you very much for your presentation tonight, and I sincerely hope to hear from you, and I am really looking forward to your feedback! My email address is brosigm@laurelholdings.com and my mobile phone number is 814-659-2733 and you can call, or contact me anytime. Mike Brosig