NSAI Weekly Workshop: Making the Most of Co-Writing Online

NSAI Member Rep Ryan Cunningham offers his tips on how to make the most of your online co-write.

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Great presentation...

I have the best team. Way to go Ryan and Jaclyn!

It is good to see the information available thru video from NSAI. Thanks for making this info available. sometimes, we know some of the things we need to do like in co-writing from a distance over the internet but it is good to have it reinforced and some things we might not even think about like being sure there is power and internet. Thanks again for all of the tips. If there could just be a list of all of the people interested in co-writing and their primary genre and skill, that could be automatically available as a member, it would be very helpful. Haven't looked yet but if you have to do a directory search, it just is one or two more steps that take time.

Great advice addressing what may derail the online co-writing experience from achieving the same benefits as same room writing.