"One Write Stand": Blind Cowriting

Weekly Nashville Workshops

Tue, 02/14/2023 - 5:45pm


LOCATION: 1710 Roy Acuff Pl. Nashville, TN 37203

TIME: Doors will open at 5:15pm CT / Event will begin at 5:45pm CT


Join us for a fun night of "blind" cowriting with fellow NSAI members!

Our membership team will set you up with a new cowriter and you will have limited time to write a song together.

After the activity, you will all get a chance to share your song with the group. 

This will be a great chance to interact with other members and make some new friends/cowriters! 

Who knows, maybe your "one write stand" will turn into a beautiful partnership. 



*NSAI does not require you to wear a mask, but we encourage you to do what feels most comfortable.

*If you are unable to attend this workshop in person, please note that it will NOT be re-distributed for later viewing. 



NSAI non-members are permitted to observe two workshops prior to joining to experience what NSAI is about. If you have attended more than two workshops as a non-member, you will be asked to join NSAI as a member to fully benefit from membership and attend future events. 



Limited parking will be available in the NSAI parking lot. 

Additional parking is available on the street and in neighboring paid lots. 



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