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VIDEOSetting Micro Goals and Creating an Organized Workflow with Jennifer Schott
VIDEO: Pro Teacher Workshop with Haley Powers
VIDEO: Mapping Out Your Songwriting Goals with Erin Kidd
FEATURED WORKSHOP: Pro Speaker featuring Bart Herbison
BLOG: Organizing Your Catalog
BLOGIndustry Tips featuring the NSAI Membership Team 
EXERCISES: August 2019 Exercises

Industry Tips featuring Artist Manager Mandelyn Monchick
VIDEO: Industry Tips featuring Artist Manager Kristen Ashley
EXERCISES: July 2019 Exercises

Writing for Country featuring Warner Chappell Music songwriter/producer Jordan Reynolds
VIDEO: Writing for Country featuring Big Loud Shirt Creative Director Sam Jervey
VIDEO: Writing for Country featuring Downtown Music Publishing Songwriter Kelly Archer

MAY 2019 - SYNC
Writing for Sync featuring Phillip LaRue
VIDEO: Writing for Sync featuring Alissa Moreno
VIDEO: Writing for Sync featuring Katie Jelen
BLOG: NSAI Member Claire Kelly on Success in the Sync World

APRIL 2019 - Performance
Heather Morgan on Performance
VIDEO: Megan Eyre on Performance (Pro Teacher Workshop)
VIDEO: Ellen Britton on Performance (Pro Teacher Workshop)
BLOG: 7 Venues To Play In Nashville
BLOG: Tom Jackson's 3 Noteworthy Performance Tools
EXERCISES: April Exercises

MARCH 2019 - Co-Writing
Heather Morgan on Co-Writing
VIDEO: Jimmy Robbins on Co-Writing
BLOG: 5 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Co-Write
EXERCISES: March Exercises

February 2019 - Melody & Lyric
Melody and Lyric: featuring Josh Kear
VIDEO: Melody and Lyric: featuring Jimmy Robbins
BLOG: 7 Lyrics That Started One Way and Ended Another
EXERCISES: February Exercises
January 2019 - Idea
The Song Idea: featuring Jamie Floyd
VIDEO: The Song Idea: featuring David Hodges
BLOG: 5 Ways to Map Out Your Songwriting Goals in 2019
EXERCISES: January Exercises


December 2018 - A Year In Review
VIDEO: Writing Hit Songs with "Hitman of Music Row," Craig Wiseman
VIDEO: Monty Criswell and Frank Rogers on their NSAI Experience
EXERCISES: December Exercises

November 2018 - Marketing Tools for the Songwriter and Songwriter/Artist
VIDEO: Marketing Yourself as a Songwriter/Artist with Haley Powers
VIDEO: Robby Towns on Digital Strategy for Artists and Writers
VIDEO TUTORIAL: Marketing Yourself with our Member Pages Service
EXERCISES: November Exercises

October 2018 - Writing for Genres: Pop and Christian
VIDEO: Elements of the Pop Genre: with Shelly Peiken
VIDEOElements of the Pop Genre: with Claude Kelly
VIDEO: Song Study with Shelly Peiken
EXERCISES: October Exercises

September 2018 - Writing for Genres: Country and Americana
VIDEO: Quick Tips for Writing Country with Brent Baxter
VIDEOElements of the Americana Genre with Elizabeth Elkins
THROWBACK VIDEO: Craig Wiseman and Tim Nichols Give Co-Writing Advice for Beginners
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Best Practices for Writing Commercial Country Featuring Dave Turnbull
BLOG: Simple But Not Simplistic
BLOGYour M.A.P. to Writing Competive Song Lyrics
EXERCISES: September Exercises

August 2018 - Live Performance Month
VIDEO: Backstage Look: Tin Pan South
VIDEO: Backstage Look: Song Suffragettes
VDEO: Living Room Live Workshop with Shelly Peiken
VIDEO: Inside Look at Festival Branding Feat. Tim Gray
EXERCISES: August Exercises

July 2018 - Membership Month
VIDEO: Membership Spotlight with Erin Kidd
VIDEO: Membership Team Spotlight with Andi Gilberti
VIDEO: The Music Mill Virtual Tour
BLOG: NSAI Member Testimonials featuring Emily Kroll and Chris Housman
BLOG: NSAI Member Testimonial featuring Daniel Leathersich
BLOGMaking the Most of your NSAI Mentoring Session
BLOG: NSAI Member Testimonial featuring Lauren McLamb


June 2018 - Production
VIDEO: The Production Corner Part 1 featuring songwriter/producer, Doug Johnson
VIDEO: The Production Corner Part 2 featuring songwriter/producer, Doug Johnson
VIDEOThe Production Corner featuring songwriter/producer, Seth Mosley
BLOG4 Key Ingredients to a Pro Music Production (Seth Mosley)
BLOG: What is Pre-Production and Why Is It Important For A Songwriter? (Dave Isaacs)
BONUS VIDEO: Meet Seth Mosley and Full Circle Music
BONUS VIDEO: "All The Gold" and Writing Wisdom with Larry Gatlin
EXERCISES: June 2018 Exercises

May 2018 - Synco De Mayo
VIDEO: Songwriters in Sync | with pop songwriter/artist Daphne Willis
VIDEO: (Throwback Workshop) How Sync Placements Come to Be
VIDEO: Songwriters in Sync: with Gary Earl
BLOG: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Pitch For Sync
BLOG: Building Relationships with Music Supervisors
EXERCISES: May 2018 Exercises

April 2018 - Melody and Lyric
VIDEO: Song Study with Steve Seskin | "Grown Men Don't Cry"
VIDEO: Music Biz Corner | Tips on Lyric/Melody/Critique with Tin Pan Seminar Speakers
BLOG: Jim Parker: "Patience and Perserverence 101"
BLOG: Connie Harrington: "Anatomy of a Great Lyric"
EXERCISES: April 2018 Exercises

March's PITCHING content:

BLOG: Inside ole majorly indie
VIDEO: Music Biz Corner Part 1: About ole
VIDEO: Music Biz Corner Part 2: The Business of Publishing
VIDEO: NSAI Services Spotlight: Song Evaluations Service
VIDEO: Music Biz Corner Part 1 (with John and Randall Ozier): Inside ole
VIDEO: Music Biz Corner Part 2 (with John and Randall Ozier): Building Relationships
VIDEO: Music Biz Corner Part 3 (with John and Randall Ozier): NSAI ole Chapter Challenge
VIDEO: Music Biz Corner Part 3 with John Ozier and Randall Foster: NSAI Chapter Challenge
MINI-PODCAST EXCLUSIVE - featuring Kos Weaver’s “First 100 Songs”
EXERCISES: March 2018 Exercises

February's COWRITING content:

VIDEO -  Song Study- "Life's a Dance" - with Steve Seskin
VIDEO - NSAI Services Spotlight: Member Directory Pages
VIDEO - Business Model of Co-Writing : Part 1
VIDEO - Business Model of Co-Writing : Part 2

BLOG - Organizing your Catalogue - by Michelle Pereirra
EXERCISES - February 2018 Exercises

January's IDEA content: