Weekly Nashville Workshops

Thu, 03/08/2018 - 5:45pm

This workshop will be recorded and posted on our website prior to the air date!

Robin Earl coaches voice, and produces music for artists and songwriters in Nashville, throughout the US, and worldwide. She is quick and efficient in helping artists identify and correct vocal problems, and sing easily through their entire range, preparing for recording and live performance. Robin Earl will talk about breathing, support, range, muscle tension/awareness, vocal health, singer’s fitness, performance and recording, and have a Q&A to answer any questions you might have. Robin is a ‘go-to’ problem solver for vocal issues of all types, working with singers on the physical and mental aspects of singing as well as vocal skills. She draws on her own varied background as a vocalist, songwriter, fitness instructor, ski instructor, and studies in yoga, martial arts, and dance to help singers achieve their best vocals for recording and performing. She works with singers of all levels, beginning to pro. Robin’s clients’ credits include: Grammy nominations, Major Labels, Radio Disney, The Tonight Show, X-Factor, The Voice and Idol audition finalists, NYC commercials, film/TV placements. Her own vocals and songwriting are featured on HBO, Disney, films, tv, cds.