Publisher Luncheon



Publisher Luncheon 2014NSAI holds the Publisher Luncheon each quarter. A couple of weeks prior to these luncheons, recommended songs are sent from the evaluations department to the NSAI membership department who then decide which TOP songs will be played for publishers at the luncheon. Only the top, most commercially viable songs will be played.

If your song is chosen to be played, you will be contacted by a member of the membership department informing you of their decision. There is no need to call the office to check the status of your recommended song, if you are selected you will hear from us.
How are songs recommended?
1. You submit your song to the evaluations department for a thorough evaluation and assessment of your piece.

2. If the evaluator feels there is nothing to amend in the song AND he or she would feel confident in playing this song for a publisher it is deemed “pitch ready” and recommended for consideration to be played at the luncheon. 

3. You will receive the evaluation back on your email (or in the mail if you sent it in by postal mail) and it will clearly state if your song has been recommended. If you see no mention of a recommendation it has not been recommended.


Remember, music is subjective. What one person thinks is a hit, another person may pass on. Welcome to the music industry! However, please keep in mind that if your song IS recommended, that, in it self, is a huge step in the right direction. Just because it may not make it to the P2P luncheon this time, doesn’t mean that your next recommended song won’t. Please use recommendations as encouragement that you are doing all the things necessary to further your writing and progress your craft.


What Happens if I am Recommended but not played at the luncheon?

All songs that were recommended but not played are not retained for consideration for the next event.  The slate is wiped clean and we start again. This process is much like pitching to a record project and is actually good training for the pitching process and here is how:  If Kenny Chesney was looking for songs for his next record there would only be 10-15  slots open for the project and thousands of songs would be submitted and sorted through to find that small handful of songs.  Unfortunately, when your song isn’t selected for Kenny’s project you don’t receive a explanation as to why it was not chosen.


NSAI is NOT a pitch service! NSAI exists as an educational organization providing you with tools and services to improve the craft as well as learn about the music business from professionals.