Originally from Hanston, Kansas, Chris began his musical journey at the age of 7 when he taught himself to play the fiddle. After years of performing in a Bluegrass/Country family band (while listening to Pop and Motown in his free-time), he moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University. Housman’s musical influence is as diverse as his choice in instrumentation - he has spent the last couple of years singing and playing upright bass at over 150 colleges across the country, while also recently placing as one of the top musical whistlers in the world in 2019. With the release of his debut Country/Pop single “Long Story Long”, Chris is ready to launch what has already been an eclectic and musical lifetime in the making. 

In this interview he talks highlights in his songwriter journey including his trip to DC with NSAI Executive Director Bart Herbison, receiving the Inaugural Todd Givens Memorial Scholarship, and the story behind his new single, "Long Story Long."

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