12 Songs taken at Pitch to Publisher with Little Louder

Congratulations to all who attended our Pitch to Publisher workshop on October 20th and had their songs taken by Whitney Parker, Creative Director for Little Louder Music!
1. "History" by Rich Karg, Tyler Barham, and John Griffin
2. "Luckiest Man Alive" by Dave Freeland, Melissa Sheridan, and John Pearson
3. "Lying 'Bout Lettin' Go" by Kimball Davis, Carlisle, and Brian Attaway
4. "Wolf" by Tiffany Gassett and Khiana Noel
5. "My Tailgates Always Open" by Dustin Herring
6. "Make Believe" by Jarrett Hartness and Josh Gallagher
7. "She Rains" by Laura Vance and Davis Corley
8. "Red, White, and Bruised" by Kyle Thomas and Doak Turner
9. "Bankrupt" by Andrew Branch
10."8x10" by Randy Davis
11. "Jesus, The Beatles, and Me" by Donna King, Lee Black, and Gina Boe
12. "Loved You Sober" by Suanna Lynn