Rachel Hutcheson

“I always feel welcome when I walk in the door at NSAI and I have met most of my co-writers and best friends there. The knowledge and education I have received as a member of NSAI has given me the confidence to actively pursue my goals as a songwriter. The wealth of information, care and understanding they offer through their incredible workshops, seminars, song critiques, mentoring sessions, online videos and pitches are inspiring, necessary and worth it! Thank you NSAI!”

-Rachel Hutcheson, Nashville, TN

Kelsey Klingensmith

“I’ve been an NSAI member for 4 years and it’s like a second home to me. The staff is AWESOME!! They always make me feel welcome and are so supportive!! NSAI has helped me develop in so many ways as a writer. I attended NSAI’s Advanced Song Camp when I was 11 years old. There I was introduced to co-writing and made friends with other great writers that I’m still writing with today! NSAI is awesome at helping writers connect with music industry professionals through their Pitch to Publisher nights and pro sessions.

Ashley Gorley

“NSAI helps new songwriters get their songs heard and find co-writing relationships that could last a lifetime. As they become established,
NSAI continues to stand behind songwriters on a national level, making sure they can continue earning a living doing what they love. When

Ben Hayslip

“In my opinion, whether you’re a brand new writer fresh to Nashville or an established award winning songwriter, getting involved

Blue Broussard

“I first heard about NSAI from a songwriting friend of mine. He encouraged me to join and become as active as possible. Once I went to the website, I couldn’t believe what I had found. If you’re a songwriter, NSAI is one of the first orga- nizations you should join. For me, I started out submitting songs to the song evaluators. They provide feedback on your material with suggestions on how you can improve your craft. Eventually, I found myself attending the Spring Training Seminars.


"NSAI hosted Tree Vibez Music during one of their Pitch to Publisher events, and I was fortunate enough to have my song taken. Through that connection, Dane (one of the publishers) reached out and expressed interest in recording a demo of the song they chose for a potential sync project. I went to their studio and had a great time hanging with Dane and cutting the demo. He said to send along any new songs that I'm excited about, so I sent a handful to him. He called me shortly after saying he'd like to work with me on the sync project.

Ralston Wells

I give NSAI all the credit for my future #1's! Without them I would not have met so many songwriters and good people in Nashville. Because of NSAI, I have a road map filled with industry knowledge for my creative journey.

Chase River

"NSAI has been an invaluable part of my songwriting experience. The programs they offer serve to improve my writing skills and help to establish friendships in the music community. No matter at what point you may be in your writing career, you will feel at home with this amazing group of people. In addition to the weekly events, the annual conference (which shouldn't be missed!) nurtures both creativity and inspiration. I wouldn't think of embarking on this journey without NSAI!"

Olivia Frances

"NSAI is a great resource for new and seasoned songwriters alike. I’ve been a member for about a decade now, and I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made and for what I’ve learned by attending workshops and trainings. I admire NSAI's commitment to fight for songwriter’s rights in Washington to push this industry forward. Most importantly, being part of this organization has provided me the opportunity to become a better songwriter - and I’m not sure what’s more valuable than that.”

Ella Hart

"NSAI has been such an important part of my songwriting journey. I have been mentored by professional songwriters online and in person who have provided me with useful and meaningful feedback on my songs. The advice I have received continues to impact my writing on a regular basis as I improve and write new songs. At the NSAI song camp and Tin Pan South Songwriting Seminar, I was inspired by the stories of accomplished writers and met amazing friends and cowriters.

Jimmy Thrasher

"I often think back to that day in 2016 as I sat at a table with a retired Nashville Songwriter who suggested I join NSAI. I’m so glad I took his advice. Now, three years later, I’m a Signed Writer with cuts and a Pro Member of NSAI. Now when I’m asked how I got started, I reply NSAI. I’m thankful for NSAI where experiences like this are possible with the help of God and a lot of hard work and dedication. If your wondering how to get started as a songwriter, join NSAI and watch your life change."

Richard Schroder

"I have been a member for five years, and I can honestly say that NSAI has been the single best investment I have made in my music career. The most valuable thing that NSAI provides to songwriters is feedback. Whether through song evaluations, one-on-one mentoring, online feedback sessions, or Song Camps, NSAI gives aspiring songwriters more awareness and direction on how to craft better songs. NSAI has truly helped me take my songs to the next level!"

Alan Baxter

"I've been a member now for two years. Attended several work conferences for song writers and the staff there have been great. Many of the things which I learned at the conferences helped me to land my first song contract with one of the top producers in the nation. Thank you NSAI for all you do for the song writers community here and all over the world!"

Kathy Kay Wallace

"I have been blessed with two single song publishing contracts so far and I know this would never have been possible without all that I gained from being a member! I just want to say that NSAI has been such an important instrument in my songwriting journey. The services provided are amazing. Attending Song Camp last year truly changed my life! The song evaluations , mentor sessions , workshops and opportunity to meet co-writers provided are so valuable for every level of songwriter.
Thank you for showing me that dreams can come true with hard work and resilience!"

Michael Saleta

"NSAI has been one of the greatest support networks for me as a songwriter. Living in Melbourne, Australia, NSAI gave me the ability to connect across the globe with fellow songwriters, pitch opportunities, and mentoring sessions through Skype. In 2019, I was fortunate to have spent three months in Nashville. During this time I attended NSAI Song Camp where we were put into groups with other songwriters. I can honestly say NSAI offers next-level value for your membership.