2022 NSAI Chapter Challenge Winners Announced

We are so excited to announce the official winners of our 2022 NSAI Chapter Challenge!

Each person listed has won a spot at an exclusive educational event with hit songwriter Jessie Jo Dillon.

Members that placed in the Top 10 have also won entry to an exclusive pitch event with three of Music Row's publishing companies, in addition to the opportunity with Dillon.

The Overall Member and Coordinator winners will be invited to receive a free trip to Nashville (flight and 3-night hotel stay included)

as well as free attendance to a premium NSAI event of their choice. These two winners will also be honored at the 2023 NSAI Membership Awards.  

Congratulations to everyone -- we had an incredible group of songs this year! 



Washington D.C. (Metro Area)  

Robert Dale Klein (Coordinator) "I Wonder What You See” 



Nashville, TN (Thursday Night Workshop) 

 Lauren Eliza “If I Were Me” 


Remaining Top 10 Winners 

Minneapolis, MN – Sarah Peterson - “Slow Road Home” 

Nashville, TN (Nashville Chapter Meeting) - Kiersten Rummell – “Strangers"  

Indianapolis, IN – Tracey Richardson - “Roll Away The Stone” 

Phoenix, AZ – Brian Newman (Coordinator) - “Earl Claus” 

San Diego, CA – Sammy Listoe - “I Can’t Love You In The Morning” 

Phoenix, AZ – Larry Vail (Coordinator) - “Heartless” 

Lexington, KY – Hayden Cain (Coordinator) - “Words To Love By” 

Southern New England – Kevin Herchen (Coordinator) - “Beating Heart” 

Los Angeles, CA – Stephanie Reedy - “Call Your Mom” 


Additional Winners 

Oklahoma City, OK – Gracelyn Sparks - “Puzzle” 

San Diego, CA – Vance Marino (Coordinator) - “Going Places” 

Southern New England, CT – Alexsi Mallory - “Who’s To Say” 

San Francisco, CA – Jeff Harris (Coordinator) - “Three Chords And A Bottle” 

Memphis, TN – Tom Dixon - “Hooked” 

Mid -Michigan – Philip Bowen - "Anymore”  

Boston, MA – Joe Bermudez - “Tug Of War” 

Fort Worth, TX – Clyde Slimp - “Raised On Jesus And Johnny Cash” 

St. Louis, MO – Sundi Jo Graham (Coordinator) - “Church On The Porch” 

Long Island, NY and New York City, NY – Sandy Murphy (Coordinator) - “Beautiful Grace” 

New York City, NY – Nick Serro (Coordinator) - “Only Happens Drunk” 

Bryan/ College Station, TX – Courtney Tennikoff - “Blue” 

Memphis, TN – Chris Nurthen (Coordinator) - “This Little House” 

Phoenix, AZ – Tom R. Clark - “You’re Not Going Anywhere (With My Heart)” 

Bryan/ College Station, TX – David Cooper (Coordinator) - “A Love We Should Have Saved”