5 Ways To Make Your Profile Stand Out!

One of the things we value at NSAI is bringing together songwriters within and beyond Nashville! Your NSAI Member Page is a user friendly space to register for events, submit song evaluations and communicate with other members. Create a profile unique to your interests and skill sets. Here are 5 steps to do just that!

1. Upload a photo and bio
Add a friendly face and a few words about yourself- your hometown, hobbies and music inspirations.

2. Link to social media profiles and/or portofolios
Direct other members to find you on social media and personal branding sites.

3. Share your skills
Select your personal writing style, instruments you play and co-writing interests!

4. Upload original songs
Each member can upload up to 2 songs in mp3 or m4a format. This is another way to show other members your performance style!

5. Become a Certified NSAI Member
In the courses tab, take quizzes in our Certification Program! You will learn the ins and outs of publishing deals, royalties, professional etiquette and more. Once you complete all courses, you will receive a personal certificate through the mail to keep!