Affiliate With Your Local NSAI Chapter

One of the perks of joining NSAI is meeting other members in your area and around the world! With over 150 Regional Chapters, NSAI volunteer coordinators dedicate their time to helping members make the most of their membership outside Nashville! By affiliating with your local chapter online, you can connect with other NSAI members through Member Pages and Directory. Follow the few simple steps below to get started!

1. Visit “Regional Chapters” tab on our homepage and select the drop-down “Regional Chapter Search”
2. Search by country, city and state to pull a list of chapters near you. *To search by state you must use the two-letter abbreviation.
3. Click the name of the chapter in which you would like to affiliate.
4. Scroll down under the coordinator names and select “Request group membership.”
5. Click "Join" and you are affiliated with your Regional Chapter!

Search other members in your chapter through our Member Directory and schedule a co-write today!

"HUGE kudos on the new NSAI website! It looks amazing. AND, I've already gotten my first invitation to co-write from the awesome Member Profile section! I'm meeting a member to collaborate before our local chapter meeting. So exciting!! :)" -Brittany Hodak, New York