Attendees Review NSAI Advanced Camp

NSAI Advanced Song Camp was a huge success and below are just some of the feedback from our attendees to prove it! Thanks to our featured speakers and guest teachers for taking time out of your busy schedules to offer your expertise and lessons you've learned along the way. 

"The insight gained from all the speakers and staff over the past 3 days has been off the chart." - Ronnie Jackson

"Leaving with a wealth of knowledge and a validation in my talents and abilities. This would never have happened without all the support of NSAI. Truly amazing experience. Leah Pitts, Rachel, Bart and all the other wonderful staff members. You guys have been so great. A strong beating heart."- Shaun St. Cyr
"It was such a pleasure to learn with and from each of y'all! So excited to start writing together and see so many awesome new friendships start taking shape." - Heath DeLoach
"So much good stuff by great teachers. Now I just gotta rewrite, rethink everything . Can't wait to hear good songs on the radio that came from songwriters of our group." - Tanya Radic
"Such talented and friendly people. Also, thanks Leah Pitts for being such a great organiser." - Isabella Kearney-Nurse
“Advanced Song Camp this weekend has been so incredible. I can’t believe all the insanely talented along with inspiring people, speakers, and mentors I have met! Nashville never disappoints.” - Sara Latimer

NSAI Advanced Campers at Writer's Round at The Country Nashville