EARS April 2020


April 1- April 30 “Recommended” Songs Considered for Pub Luncheon.

Congratulations to the writers below who had songs recommended between

April 1- April 30  for consideration for our Publisher Luncheon. These were submitted to the Song Evaluation Service and were recommended by the NSAI Evaluators who reviewed them.

NSAI staffers will review all songs recommended for the possibility of a Spring 2020 Publisher Luncheon.


Be sure to take a look at the hometowns of these great writers. Who knows… you may find your next co- writer! With NSAI members from all over the world, one of these folks might live just around the corner from you!


Writers below had songs “Recommended for Consideration” from
April 1- April 30

Caroline Dare: “You Decide” North Carolina

Camille Wangkhang: “Yahweh’s Gift” Ontario

Steven Sumners: “Somewhere In Texas” Texas

Scott Voelkerding: “Balance”

Adam Webb: “Life Ain’t Long Enough” Illinois

Russ Parrish: “You’re Here” Minnesota

Sandra DeVault: “Indigo Moon” Maryland

Jenna DeVries: “He Loved the Way I Miss Him” Tennessee

Jenna DeVries: “White Knuckle Romance” Tennessee

Jenna DeVries: “Sorry Bout That” Tennessee

Stefan Mork: “Giving Up” Georgia

Jenna DeVries: “Just Me” Tennessee

Jenna DeVries: “Make The Boy Cry” Tennessee

David Stark: “BEST OF BOTH GIRLS” Tennessee

Janie Cunningham: “Strong” Arkansas

Alan Carpenter: “Who Will You Love Now” Texas

Alan Carpenter: “Romance Chance” Texas

Kim Maverick: “When It Feels Like Christmas” Pennsylvania

Antonio Moraes: “Old Billford” Tennessee

Jason Goolesby: “Tables Turning” Tennessee

Stefan Mork: “Rise” Georgia

Larry Good: “Haunted House” Colorado

Russ Parrish: “Colors of God” Minnesota

Dan Harrison: “We All Got Em’” Tennessee

Daniel Leathersich: “Odd Shapes” Tennessee

Jimmy Nash: “Get Down” Florida

Makenzie Schriner: “Kiss Another Girl” Tennessee


*Names listed above do not reflect writers who have had songs recommended at any time other than April 2020.




These writers are being recognized by our evaluators as writers who are on the rise! These members have gotten the attention of our evaluators for their unique and promising writing skills. Keep an eye on these folks… they just keep getting better!

Jay Coover: Washington

Andrew Mack: Pennsylvania

Caroline Dare: North Carolina

Steven Smentek: Illinois

Steven Sumners: Texas

Scott Voelkerding

Casey Smith: Knoxville

Adam Webb: Illinois

Selby Copeland: Ontario

Jeffery Clarke: Illinois

Delaney Faulds: Alabama

Stefan Xidas: Illinois

Frank Renfordt: Hagen

Klare Essad: Tennessee

Mary Koplin: Florida

Jenna DeVries: Tennessee

Oswald Gordon: New Jersey

Michael Saleta: Victoria

Alexandra May: JHB

Kipper Linville: South Carolina

Stefan Mork: Georgia

Jenna DeVries: Tennessee

Bryton Stoll: Kansas

Jayne Sachs: Ohio

Dan Stier: Wisconsin

David Stark: Tennessee

Aly Cutter: Tennessee

Dan Allen: Michigan

Erika Wikes: New Jersey

Alan Carpenter: Texas

Alan Carpenter: Texas

Antonio Moraes: Tennessee

Leslie Bowe: Tennessee

Christen Cooper: Utah

Kelly Williams: Georgia

Stu Basham: Tennessee

Antonio Moraes: Tennessee

Steve Peters: Louisiana

Marvin Gwin: Virginia

Phillip Hommes: Minnesota

Jason Goolesby: Tennessee

Barbo Schoenberger: Oldenburg

Marcia Morgan: New Hampshire

CJ Stevens: New York

James Stelter: Illinois

Phillip Homes: Minnesota

Winston Culler: Florida

David Ayers: Georgia

Jim Thorne: Virginia

Dan Allen: Michigan

Frank Stopak: Maryland

Joyce Stampson: California

Stefan Mork: Georgia

Larry Good: Colorado

Paige Powell: Virgina

Nicholas Murner: Massachusetts

Julie Broschard: Massachusetts

Diamonn Upshaw: Georgia

Donal Ryan: London

Kevin McAleer: New York

Michael Braunfeld: Pennsylvania

Benjamin Mauthe: Minnesota

Andrew Mack: Pennsylvania

Selby Copeland: Ontario

Brandon Pasion: California

 Caroline Dare: North Carolina

Frank Kominowski: Indiana

Kathy Kay: Missouri

Samantha Blasko: Ohio

Ed O’Donnell: Ohio

Jayne Sachs: Ohio

Kathy Kay: Missouri

Jack Summers: Missouri

David Robert Anderson: Arizona

Ann Catherine Lee: North Carolina

Dylan Maloney: Tennessee

Daniel Leathersich: Tennessee

Andrew Bundy: California

Uri Kabiri: Tennessee

Michael Encarnacion: Florida

Jimmy Nash: Florida

Colleen Brown Keenleyside: Alberta, Canada

Christen Cooper: Utah


*Names listed above do not reflect writers who have been recognized at any time other than April 2020.