EARS January 2021



January 2021 “Recommended” Songs Considered for Pub Luncheon. 
Congratulations to the writers below who had songs recommended for consideration for our Publisher Luncheon. These were submitted to the Song Evaluation Service and were recommended by the NSAI Evaluators who reviewed them. NSAI staffers will review all songs recommended for the possibility of a Spring 2021 Publisher Luncheon. Be sure to take a look at the hometowns of these great writers. Who knows… you may find your next co- writer! With NSAI members from all over the world, one of these folks might live just around the corner from you!  


Recommended for Consideration 

Randy Davis “Sleep In” “If Whiskey Was A Sunday” Franklin, TN 

Randy Davis “Would You Like To Dance” “Top Down” Franklin, TN 

Nick Serro “More Outta Me” “You In It” Brooklyn, NY 

Roger Fournier “In This Truck” “Expiration Date” Eatonton, GA 

Jared MacLane “Fences” “Legacy” Darrien, CT 

Brad McKinney “Civil War” “Lynchburg Liv’n” Richmond, KY 

Brad McKinney “Rock, Paper, Whiskey, Shoot” “Lost In The Right Direction” Richmond, KY 

Donnie Napier “Don’t Want You To Go” Smyrna, TN 

Philip Hommes “You’re Not The You I Know” Two Harbors, MN 

Jamie Trent “The Truth About A Lie” Evington, VA 

Gary Clute “I Believe” La Mesa, NM 

Kelly Williams “The Price I Pay For Loving You” Atlanta, GA  


*Names listed above do not reflect writers who have had songs recommended at any time other than January 2021. 


These writers are being recognized by our evaluators as writers who are on the rise! These members have gotten the attention of our evaluators for their unique and promising writing skills. Keep an eye on these folks… they just keep getting better!  


 Tanesha Riggins: Grand Prairie, TX 

Ronnie Scott: Watkinsville, GA 

Russell Dritz: Chappaqua, NY 

Don Tucker: Bryant, AR 

Dan Allen: Grand Blanc, MI 

Fox Beyer: Chatham, NJ 

Randy Davis: Franklin, TN 

John Frank: Nashville, TN 

James Stelter: Glen Ellyn, IL 

Levi Gray: Owensboro, KY 

Martha Healy: Balfron, SCT 

Thomas White: Ochlocknee, GA 

Nick Serro: Brooklyn, NY 

Caroline Dare: Greenville, NC 

Lucy Leblanc: White Rock, B.C. 

Roger Fournier: Eatonton, GA 

Pierre Alexander: Nashville, TN 

Hayden Cain: Richmond, KY 

Justin Shuxteau: Franklin, TN 

Judd Alsup: Jonesboro, AR 

Kevin Burnstein: Overland Park, KS 

Chris Andreucci: Ayr, SCT 

Bill Elrod: Birmingham, AL 

Charlie Mariscal: Garden City, ID 

Artie Weitz: Tarzana, CA 

Jared MacLane: Darrien, CT 

Brandon Walker: Edgewater, MD 

Matt Wood: Kingston Springs, TN 

Carl Schwitzer: Mapleton, UT 

Kayla Dunbar: Antioch, TN 

Brad McKinney: Richmond, KY 

Ben Wagner: Nashville, TN 

Frank J Snelson: Rolla, MO 

Gene Reid: Little Rock, AR 

Jordan Umbach: Nashville, TN 

Daniel Herr: Nashville, TN 

Phillip Bowen: Brownstown Township, MI 

Jared Rabin: Highland Park, IL 

Alan Carpenter: El Paso, TX 

Adam Radmanovich: Springfield, TN 

Christen Cooper: Draper, UT 

Dan Wilson: Fairfield, CT 

Philip Hommes: Two Harbors, MN 

Klare Essad: Nashville, TN 

Waldo Greef: Pretoria, SA 

Scarlett Egan: Nashville, TN 

Kathryn Wood: Nashville, TN 

Michael Kapustinski: Trumbull, CT 

Kathy Kay Wallace: Ballwin, MO 

Marisa Cirillo, Massapequa, NY 

Jeff Roe: Arlington, TN 

Dewey Longuski: Mason, MI 

Dustin Wilson: Aniston, AL 

Shane Bietry: Hollansburg, OH 

Enya Agerholm: Locust Grove, VA 

Kevin Herchen: Warwick: RI 

Nate Teles: Folkestone, LDN 

Brandon Hutcheson: Friendship, TN 

Kevin Kirk: Nashville, TN 

Frank Verdejo: Bronx, NY 
Drew Richelle Gawron: Ootlewah, TN

Adrian Parker: Arvada, CO 

Ella Hartt: Edmonton, AB 

Tyler Bowling: Martin, TN 

Clare Cunningham: Nashville, TN 

Kelly Williams: Atlanta, GA 

Sebastian Koebe: Starnberg, DE 

Jessie Lark: Encinitas, CA 

Adam Klett: Wayland, IA 

Bryan Mitschell: Edmond, OK 

Richard Mack Harrell: Boca Raton, FL 

Ray Quinn: Syracuse, NY 

Marrianne Bacon: Waikoloa, HI  


*Names listed above do not reflect writers who have been recognized as "Ones to Watch" at any time other than January 2021.