EARS September 2020



September 2020 “Recommended” Songs Considered for Pub Luncheon. Congratulations to the writers below who had songs recommended for consideration for our Publisher Luncheon. These were submitted to the Song Evaluation Service and were recommended by the NSAI Evaluators who reviewed them. NSAI staffers will review all songs recommended for the possibility of a Fall 2020 Publisher Luncheon.    Be sure to take a look at the hometowns of these great writers. Who knows… you may find your next co- writer! With NSAI members from all over the world, one of these folks might live just around the corner from you! 
Recommended for Consideration
Tyler Bank: “Already Sunday” Nashville, Tennessee
Daniel Davis: “Hallelujah” Meridian, Idaho
Syd Gervin: “Left My Family For Dreamland” Jacksonville, Florida
Jake Gibbs: “A Thousand Questions” Smyrna, Tennessee

Jake Gibbs: “Where I’m At” Smyrna, Tennessee
Jahnavi Goldstein: “Unexpected Turns” Nashville, Tennessee
Marika Hallendy-Mallon: “GIMME ONE” Ottawa, Ontario
Joy Hanna: “Fool’s Errand” Houston, Texas
Zachary Henard: “Gotta Be Country” Clarksville, Tennessee
James Henderson: “Gonna Make It” Gallatin, Tennessee
James Henderson: “Leave Your Boots On” Gallatin, Tennessee
James Henderson: “I Still Do” Gallatin, Tennessee
Daniel Herr: “Inside Out” Nashville, Tennessee
Haley Hornsby: “Make Me Feel Alive” Lawrenceville, Georgia
Frederick Lancia: “Back To Me” Sammamish, Washington
Jared MacLane: “Truck Huntin’” Darien, Connecticut
Lena Paige: “Joan of Arkansas (Featuring Tanya Tucker)” Wenatchee, Washington
Russ Parrish: “Start With You” Burnsville, Minnesota
Russ Parrish: “All of This and More” Burnsville, Minnesota
Steve Peters: “Come Back Soon” Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Dixie Phillips: “He Made Me Clean” Floyd, Iowa
Matt Rogers: “Britches” Greensboro, Georgia
Steve Simkins: “I Saw America Today” Pascagoula, Mississippi
Frank J Snelson: “Small Time” Rolla, Missouri
Frank Stopak: “Love You Like I Shouldn’t” Rockville, Maryland
Frank Stopak: “Let’s Write A Song” Rockville, Maryland
Frank Stopak: “A Boy Named Yesterday” Rockville, Maryland
Frank Stopak: “It’s Christmas Do You Miss Us” Rockville, Maryland 
Derek Toomey: “WHY, CHRISTMASTIME” Atlanta, Georgia
Brett Trout: “The Trumpet (Victory Song)” Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Brett Trout: “Come Back In” Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Tarrah Walston: “Tabs on You” Beulaville, North Carolina 
*Names listed above do not reflect writers who have had songs recommended at any time other than September 2020. 



These writers are being recognized by our evaluators as writers who are on the rise! These members have gotten the attention of our evaluators for their unique and promising writing skills. Keep an eye on these folks… they just keep getting better! 
Robert Abernathy: Hoover, Alabama
Dan Allen: Grand Blanc, Michigan
Karak Arnett: Nashville, Tennessee
Tyler Bank: Nashville, Tennessee
Andy Barrett: San Jose, California
Roger Beckett: Pickering, Ontario
Jonathan Bell: Odenville, Alabama
Chad Benner: Wheelersburg, Ohio
Sarah Beth Ballard: Tualatin, Oregon
Robert Briggs: Nashville, Tennessee
Claire Bunnik: Pefferlaw, Ontario
Guy Christiano: Downey, California
Allison Cipris: Airmont, New York
Randy Clark: Grampian, Pennsylvania
Gary Clute: La Mesa, New Mexico
Carol Coffey: Overland Park, Kansas
Jesse Cofty: Hendersonville, Tennessee
Al Collinsworth: Lexington, Kentucky
Sal Cosentino: Brooklyn, New York
Robert Cutrell: Evansville, Indiana
Aly Cutter: Nashville, Tennessee
Ed Daniels: Las Vegas, Nevada
Daniel Davis: Meridian, Idaho
Klare Essad: Nashville, Tennessee
Elliana Faith: Forest Hills, New York
Andrew Fetterley: Toronto, Ontario
Jeff Fodor: Tomsriver, New Jersey
Clark Ford: Ames, Iowa
Scott Forman: Summit, New Jersey
Emily Frances: Salem, Wisconsin 

John Frank: Nashville, Tennessee
Syd Gervin: Jacksonville, Florida
Jake Gibbs: Smyrna, Tennessee
Keith Gill Jr.: Trafford, Pennsylvania
Jahnavi Goldstein: Nashville, Tennessee
Larry Good: Marble, Colorad
Joy Hanna: Houston, Texas
Neil Hartert: Georgetown, Tennessee
Krystal Heffinger: Hickory, North Carolina
John Hemingway: Gallatin, Tennessee
Zachary Henard: Clarksville, Tennessee
James Henderson: Gallatin, Tennessee
Daniel Herr: Nashville, Tennessee
Philip Hommes: Two Harbors, Minnesota
Haley Hornsby: Lawrenceville, Georgia
Sudi Karatas: Van Nuys, California
Gary Kreie: Kirkwood, Missouri
Al Lama: Brooklyn, New York
Frederick Lancia: Sammamish, Washington
Jared MacLane: Darien Connecticut
Alexsi Mallory: Farmington, Connecticut
Mia Mantia: Springboro, Ohio
Billy McDowell: Prattville, Alabama
Michael Meiners: Winnetka, Illinois
Carolyn Miller: Massapequa, New York
Gene Mitchell: Panama City Beach, Florida
Alan Murphy: Rochester, New York
Bobbie Norman: Airdrie, Alberta
Lena Paige: Wenatchee, Washington
Russ Parrish: Burnsville, Minnesota
Bill “Buck” Pelton: St. Paul, Minnesota
Steve Peters: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sarah Peterson: Lanesboro, Minnesota
Dixie Phillips: Floyd, Iowa
Amanda Ply: Las Vegas, Nevada
Rob Prentice: Nashville, Tennessee
Dave Quirk: Libertyville, Illinois
Adam Radmanovich: Springfield, Tennessee
Cassidy Rae: Round Corner, New South
Wales Gene Reid: Little Rock, Arkansas
Drew Richelle: Ooltewah, Tennessee
Chase River: Ashburn, Virginia
Matt Rogers: Greensboro, Georgia
Steve Ross: Mount Juliet, Tennessee 
Michael Saleta: Altona, Victoria
Richard Schroder: Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Joel Allan Schwelling: Bedford, New Hampshire
Maxwell Sheppard: Sherwood, Arkansas
Steve Simkins: Pascagoula, Mississippi
Daniel Simpson: Manquin, Virginia
Frank J Snelson: Rolla, Missouri
Mike Stone: Gonzales, Louisiana
Dani Stone: Nashville, Tennessee
Frank Stopak: Rockville, Maryland
Glenn Thomas: Westerly, Rhode Island
Derek Toomey: Atlanta, Georgia
Brett Trout: Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Diamonn Upshaw: Conyers, Georgia
Ben Wagner: Nashville, Tennessee
Kathy Wallace: Ballwin, Missouri
Dori Weaver: Frisco, Texas
Thomas White: Ochlocknee, Georgia
Buck Wild & Penelope Lane: Lambertville, New Jersey
Andrew Wolf: Washington, District of Columbia 




*Names listed above do not reflect writers who have been recognized as "Ones to Watch" at any time other than September 2020.