Jody Williams Songs - 16 Songs Selected!


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Congratulations to the following members who had their songs taken by Nina Jenkins at Jody Williams Songs! A copy of the song will be sent to the team there for further review. They have your email address as well if they choose to continue the conversation.

Backroad Baby - Holdyn Barber

Negative Space - Aili Desai

Black and Blue - Steve Nuckolls

Fire Work - Eve Suchy

Hell Yeti - Rob Courain

I'll Always Call It Home - Jim Groves

Simple Life - Dana Snyder

Vibin' - Kyra Hunter

Livin' In My Name - Frank J Snelson

Last Ray of Sunshine - Rob Clark

Country Soul - Dana Crawford

Sadness In a Suitcase - Matt Molnar

Hooked - Tom Dixon

Catchin Up To Me - Joe Zimmer

Christmas Came Early Tonight - Gary Sclafani

John Denver - Chris Nurthen


Keep up the good work!