Making Monday Motivation Everyday Motivation

Making Monday Motivation Everyday Motivation
By Libby Oellerich

It’s Monday, more-coffee Monday and wish-I-could-sleep-in-a-few-more-minutes Monday. But what if that inspiring quote, song or calendar could get you through the WHOLE week? Here are 3 tips to stay energized from the morning commute to the drive home.

1.     Make a certain part of the day “you time.”
“You time” happens in the morning for me- I call this the “6AM Club.” (I encourage you to join :)) This involves a workout of some sort, a This American Life podcast and breakfast. While exercising clears my mind before the craziness begins, listening to a podcast is a calming and efficient way to take one hour each day and learn something new. You’ll be surprised how hearing someone else’s opinion on a particular subject matter really puts things into perspective. From what I’ve heard from songwriters I’ve met through NSAI, writing a song can be inspired by someone else’s story- so you never know, story time with Ira Glass may help you write that next hit song!

2.     Keep a priority list that’s realistic and timely.
The worst thing you can do to your productivity is listing out EVERYTHING and expecting yourself to get it done all in one day. The priorities we often forget to list are breaks. Take a break for coffee, a walk or whatever clears your mind to take on the next task with full attention and focus. Remind yourself why you love what you do…why you love to tell stories through music.

3.     Find an interest separate from your dream.
Taking on a new interest, whether you think you will enjoy it or not gets you out of your own head and keeps life refreshing. This is one of those times when change can be good. Coming from someone who thrives on routine, change gets us out of the rut we find ourselves in when we are uninspired and unmotivated!

And cue “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips. :)

This month's staff post was contributed by Marketing Manager, Libby Oellerich. 
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