NSAI Members find new co-writers at "Speed Dating" workshop

In honor of Valentine's week, we hosted our first "Speed Dating for Co-Writes" networking event last night in place of Thursday-night workshop! Here's what a few of our members had to say about their experience and the writing relationships that came out of their attendence! Thanks to everyone who joined us last night and NSAI's Membership Team for making this opportunity available.

“This night was great! I just moved her from LA and it was great finding other artists to co-write or even just meet!” -Megan Arial
“Love how NSAI brings community of songwriters together.” – Jessica Rame
“Speed dating night was an easy way to network in a low pressure environment. I loved meeting so many potential co-writers in one night. Thank you!” -Julie Belle
“Wow so much fun and so much energy in the room. Really positive experience.” – Steven David
“Loved this speed dating event!! Met many potential co-writes! Have another one!!” – Jennifer Vazquez
“I loved the opportunity to meet a variety of writers at the speed “dating” night. More opportunities for this would be great!! Everyone was really friendly and I feel like I met a couple future cowriters. Thank ya!!!” – Clarke Bancroft
“I came away from this event with multiple co-writing contacts. This workshop has given more hope and drive than any other that I have attended. As a lyricist, I find it difficult to meet cowriters. I felt that NSAI really took my songwriting needs into consideration. THANK YOU, NSAI!” -Katie Sweeney
“That was really cool!” – Ryan Boey
“I love attending NSAI’s networking events. It’s great to build a sense of community with fellow songwriters who are on the journey!” – Laura Rabell
“Great meeting, just what is needed. I met a lot of new people and I look forward to my career taking off. Thanks guys. ” – D. Johnson
“I’ve made so many friends due to NSAI. Thank you so much! Keep this co-write dating thing going, it was awesome!” – Andrew Steva