NSAI Song Contest Honorable Mentions Announced

17th Annual Song Contest Honorable Mentions:
All songwriters who placed in the 2016 contest have been notified. The CMT Public Voting Phase will begin next month, Feb 1 – 28. A group of judges have narrowed down the picks to the top 11 songs, and now it is your turn to choose the winner – stay tuned for more voting details! In the meantime, we would love to congratulate the 10 Honorable Mentions from the contest. Out of over 2,000 entries, these songwriters placed in the top 21. Kudos to them!

Brian Westrin and Peter Mowry – “Kicking Side of Down” from Lansing, MI
Carly Tefft and Kate Cameron – “Good Bad Friends” from Nashville, TN
Dave Freeland and John Pearson – “Cowz” from Nashville, TN
Jenny Ray – “Replay” from Nashville, TN
John Robert Hemingway and Adrian Tigen – “Party on the Lake” from Gallatin, TN
Katy Bishop, Alaira Stacey and Kristen Castro – “Blush” from Nashville, TN
Madison Olson, Robert Olson and PJ Ju – “Skip It” from Menomonee Falls, WI
Savanna Bassett - “Greenlight, Go” from Jacksonville, FL
Tyler Madden and Timothy Blom – “Casting Stones” from Nashville, TN
Tyler Madden and Christen Schaal – “War Paint” from Nashville, TN