Online Pitch (BMG) - 15 Songs Selected!


Congratulations to the following members who had their songs taken by Rakiyah Marshall at BMG! A copy of the song will be sent to the team there for further review. They have your email address as well if they choose to continue the conversation.

Something Blue - Sarah Beth Ballard

A Woman's Touch - Julie Broschard

New Day Every Minute - Bill Corley

Heart Problem - Caroline Dare

Tell You Who You Are - Carin Fradin

Last Call - Logan Garner

I Know Boys - Becca Rae Greene

The Only One Who's Prayin - Hayden Joseph

Vegas - Ashley Krause

Varsity Redneck Letter - David Nicastro

Old Road - Jacob Noonan

One Sided Expectations - Devon Beck

I'm Your Hotel - Brianna Vacca

Keep 'em On - Ralston Wells

Walk Softly On These Blues - Joseph Wilbanks


Keep up the good work!