Online Pitch (Cornman Music) - 19 Songs Selected!


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Due to the inclement weather and unsafe road conditions, NSAI will be closed today Tuesday January 16th, 2018.

Congratulations to those NSAI songwriters who had their songs taken by Rakiyah at the online pitch with Cornman Music.
A copy of your song, lyrics, and email will be sent to her.

Keep up the great work!

Christine Bauer - Perfume
Joe Berkowitz - Tie A Knot
Brittany Brant -Too Bad
Dana Crawford - That's Us
Bill Elrod - I'd Rather Be Lonely
Scott Forman - Keep Talkin Like That
Jeff Wildman Hardesty - Redneck In The Future
Danny Kensy - Old Flame
Madison Kozak -First Last Name
Caleb Long - Shatters
Donna Opfer - Boot Stompin' Girl
Anna Powell - Run at First Sight
Mathew Pownall - Last Last Name
Gregory Putnam - Cornfield
Kaity Rae - Somebody Else's Problem
Gene Rapisardi -Last Breath Into Heaven's Gate
Bobbby Simpson - Company
Bryan Vrablik - When I Play Guitar In The Dark
Sarah Williams - If Heaven Had A Phone