Online Pitch Recap-July 14th

Courtney Crist (HoriPro) and NSAI's Mary Haynes

We had a blast at last night's Online Pitch session! Thank you to everyone who participated including Courtney for taking the time to hear our members' songs! We hope you received helpful advice for future pitch experiences. The following songs were taken:

"The Best I’ll Ever Have"- Geoffrey Schmith

"His Old Brown Chair"—Denise Pharris
"Oceans"—Casey Penn
"Box of Buttons"—Robert Otting
"Where Jesus Lives"—Dale Mercer
"Maybe Someday"—Katlyn Lowe
"Plain Jane"—Ken Larish
"Cooter Won the Powerball"—Jeff Hardesty
"She Still Does"—Randy Davis
"It’s Love That Makes You"—Carol Coffey
"Vacay for the Day"—Kris Bradley
"Summertime Lazy"—Michael Astrachan/Justin Pokrywka
"You Were The One"—Michael Allen/Sandy Ramos
"Lie Cheat and Steal"--David Viglietta/Cindy Mechem

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