Online Pitch (Reservoir Media) - 13 Songs Selected!


Congratulations to the following members who had their songs taken by Greg Gallo at Reservoir Media! A copy of the song will be sent to the team there for further review. They have your email address as well if they choose to continue the conversation.

Fake A Little Love - Dylan Brabham 

Too Far Down The Line - Alan Carpenter

Amsterdam - Janelle Faiman

Tumbleweed - Jahnavi Goldstein

Trouble With Curves - Raymond Govero

Accept for You - Hallie Heiter

Happy Me - Carey Latham

Bam! - Valentine Sheldon

Wanderlust - Jessica Sirls

Eights & Aces - Frank J Snelson

Put It All Together - Frank Stopak

Broken Mirror - Wil Thorpe

Clean My Room - Ben Wagner


Keep up the good work!