Publisher Luncheon CD Nominees for Spring 2017


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Each quarter NSAI invites all of the local Nashville Music Publishers and PRO Reps to attend a luncheon. Congratulations to the NOMINEES whose songs are being considered for the CD that goes home with 50+ Music Publishers. Songs considered for this CD are recommended by the NSAI Song Evaluation Service and the NSAI Membership Representatives.

Amy Gerhartz – “Dangerous Game” (Pop)
Amy Gerhartz – “Heartbreak” (Pop)
Amy Gerhartz – “I Know What You Do” (Pop)
Angela Siracusa – “Go” (Pop)
Arlon Sheffield – “Giving Up” (Country)
Ashley Briggs – “Shade” (Country)
Blake Griffith – “Small Town Believers” (Country)
Brett Mandel – “Bigger Problems” (Country)
Buck Wild/ Penelope Lane – “Another Place, Another Time” (Country)
Carly Tefft – “Love One Another” (Pop)
Carly Tefft – “Traded” (Country)
Caylan Hays – “Patience” (Americana/Folk)
Caylan Hays – “The Weather” (Pop)
Cindy Mechem – “Lie Cheat and Steal” (Country)
Cindy Penderghast – “Jesus Loves You More” (Contemporary Christian)
Clyde Slimb – “Raised on Jesus and Johnny Cash” (Country)
Cody Atkins – “Honey Bee Blues” (Country)
Costas Bigalis – “Land of The Incredible” (Contemporary Christian)
Craig Gibbs – “Ain’t Dead Yet” (Country)
Craig Gibbs – “Since I Found You” (Country)
Dan Storm – “Nashville no More” (Country)
David Ashley – “House of The Lord” (Gospel)
​Derek Austin - "If This Chevy Could Fly"
Garre LaGrone – “2:00 A.M. (In A One Light Town)” (Country)
Garre LaGrone – “Drinkin’ Songs” (Country)
Garre LaGrone – “That’s Texas” (Country)
Garre LaGrone – “Upton Creek” (Country)
Garre LaGrone – “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” (Country)
Gordon Stransky – “Any Time” (Country)
Graham Cossick – “Mr. Kringle” (Country)
Greg Black – “Right Where I Want Me” (Country)
Greg Wilson – “Music” (Country)
Gregory D Putnam – “Big & Loud”
Gregory D Putnam – “My Goodbye Song” (Country)
Ian Christian – “Dollars and Sense” (Country)
Jack Taylor – “Ever Hoped For” (Country)
Jack Taylor – “Stuck on You” (Country)
James Gregory - "She Don't Go Down That Easy"
Janine de Souza – “Back-up Plan” (Country)
​Jared Hicks - "Higher High"
Jayne Sachs – “Your Key Still Works” (Country)
Jeff Grosso – “Before Tonight” (Pop)
Jeff Grosso – “Waiting for the Stop Sign to Turn Green” (Other)
Jeff Grosso - "Clone You" (Pop)
Jeff Roe – “I Could Be That Guy” (Country)
Jen Baron – “No Boys Allowed” (Pop)
Jen Baron – “She Looks Like Katy Perry” (Pop)
Jennica Scott – “Should’ve Been Running” (Country)
Jeremy Burchard – “Rub A Little Dirt on It” (Country)
Jeremy Herren – “Moonshine” (Country)
Jillian Steele – “Property” (Pop)
Joe McGowan – “Love Is Like a Party” (Country)
Joe Slyzelia – “Beautiful Ever After” (Country)
John Miller – “Spark” (Country)
John Stanislawski – “My Heartache Tonight” (Country)
Johnny Bangs – “Muddy Water” (Rock)
Julie Delgado – “Love is Stronger” (Country)
Juliette Reilly – “Mirror” (Pop)
Kaity Rae – “Up in Smoke” (Country)
Kelcie Wolk Pickard – “Black and White” (Country)
Kenneth Jones – “Here We Go Again” (Country)
Kevin Chambers – “The Way Home” (Pop)
Leslie Bowe – “Spell” (Country)
Lexi James – “Brave” (Country)
​Makayla Lynn - "State of Heart"
​Michelle Perreira - "Termini"
Michelle Perreira - "Crazy For Me"
Mignon Grabois - "How do You Let Go"
Mala Patterson – “99 Pounds of Sugar” (Bluegrass)
Melissa Sheridan – “Helium” (Pop)
Melissa Sheridan – “Summertime Groove” (Country)
Neil Cotton – “Moments of Peace” (Americana/ Folk)
Rebecca Tremmel – “Challenging” (Country)
Rhonda Pisanello – “A Good, Good Day” (Country)
​Ross Coppley - "Crash"
Sarah Bonsignore – “A Year Ago Today”
Sarah Killian – “Aftershock” (Pop)
Sarah Williams – “Trouble” (Country)
Sarah Williams - "Family Tree"
​Sean Trainor - "Wreckless"
Stephen Amos – “Too Stubborn to Stop” (Country)
Tom Glynn – “Sweet Ride” (Country)
Tom Glynn/ Kelly McGrath – “Pulling Strings” (Country)
Will Bundy - "Take Her Home to Mama"
Winston Culler – “Little Green Frog” (Country)

Check back next week for a list of the 10-15 songs that SUCCESSFULLY MADE the Publisher Luncheon CD for SPRING 2017!