Publisher Luncheon CD Recommendations for Winter 2017

Each quarter NSAI invites all of the local Nashville Music Publishers and PRO Reps to attend a luncheon.Congratulations to the NOMINEES whose songs are being considered for the CD that goes home with 50+ Music Publishers. Songs considered for this CD are recommended by the NSAI Song Evaluation Service and the NSAI Membership Representatives.

Ian Christian - “Shades” (Country)
Mason Caviness - “Texarkana City Limit Sign” (Country)
John Thiel - “Follow Him Down” (Gospel)
David Ashley Trent - “I Wait For You (rewrite)” (Contemporary Christian)
David Darnell - “Mighty Big God” (Contemporary Christian)
Timmy Seay - “When the Sober is Through” (Country)
Dixie Phillips - “Showcase Your Grace” (Contemporary Christian)
John Stanislawski - “Mama's Old Radio” (Country)
Mary Kutter - “I Dare You” (Country)
Jane Gjestland (Black Roses/Jane & The Bear) - “U TURN” (Pop)
Rich Karg - “Next Friday Night” (Country)
Buddy Wright - “College Days” (Country)
Sara Stearman - “Doors Closed” (Country)
J. Shields - “Bacardi Holiday” (Country)
Sean Spollen - “Girl In Every Song” (Country)
Sarah Killian - “Rebound” (Country)
Kimball Davis - “Lifeguard” (Praise/Worship)
Kathy Martin - “When I Wake Up” (Pop)
Taylor Gayle - “Elementary Love” (Pop)
Waters Rhone - “Mars Needs Women” (Other)
Brett Mandel - “Stops” (Country)
Richard Waterman - “We Used To Be” (Country)
Bobby Anderson - “Betty” (Other)
John Gilbert - “Let There Be Light” (Contemporary Christian)
Carly Spiro - “See You Never” (Pop)
Jack Taylor - “STUCK ON U” (Country)
Jack Taylor - “EVER HOPED FOR” (Country)
Arlon Sheffield - “I CAN SEE SMOKE” (Country)
Bobby Anderson - “Divide Me” ()
John Stanislawski - “The Flipside of Love” (Country)
Maddie Wilson - “Uh Oh” (Country)
Ashley Scire - “XY” (Pop)
Gordon Stransky - “My Mississippi” (Country)
Greg Black - “So I Won't Wish I Had” (Country)
Wendy Spagnolo - “Hangin' out with the boys” (Country)
J.C. Andersen - “Love Doesn't Just Disappear” (Country)
Michael Nelson - “It's Like Wow” (Country)
Dennis Donoho - “Dancing On Daddy's Shoes” (Pop)
Wildman Hardesty - “Road Starts to Wind” (Country)
Mathew Pownall - “Tequila's Easier” (Country)
Lew Garrison - “Nothin Like My Girl” (Country)
Gordon Stransky - “My Mississippi” ()
Jake Gibbs - “My Kind of Love” (R&B)
Lew Garrison - “Sweet Thang in that Mustang” (Country)
Kara Hesse - “Wait Up For Me” (Americana/Folk)
Michael Nelson - “Too Much Month” (Country)
Waters Rhone - “Little Miss Sugar & Spice” (Country)
Daniel Bowman - “WHISKEY, WILD WOMEN, AND YOU” (Country)
Gordon Stransky - “My Mississippi” (Country)
Bradley Miller - “Every Time I Pray” (Country)
Janine de Souza - “DETROIT STEEL” (Country)
Sarah Bonsignore - “Wait For Me” (Country)
Chase Stevens - “Someday” (Country)
Greg Black - “Like This” (Country)
Dave Quirk - “Better Get Used To It” (Country)
Raymy Krumrei - “If I Make it to Sunday” (Country)
Leslie Bowe - “Drink You Up” (Country)
Cindy Mechem - “ill take it” (Contemporary Christian)
Catt McCreary - “Toxic” ()
Kara Hesse - “Midnight Flight” (Other)
Ashley Scire - “Heartless” (Pop)
Chris Black - “A Man Of My Word” (Country)
Tony Memmel - “100 Years” (Americana/Folk)
Taylor Gayle - “Sophia's Song” (Pop)
Greg Piken - “The Only Explanation” (Country)
Hayley Prosser - “Keep Your Eyes on Me” (Country)
Mark Edward Barnowski - “Vacation With You” (Country)
Sean Swenson - “The Regulars” (Country)
Rick Patterson - “Good For Me Deer” (Country)
PJ Ju - “Wind Blows Hardest” (Country)
Alex Bordonaro - “Like We Used To” (Country)
Ryland Fisher - “Puttin' Words In My Mouth” (Country)
Joe Slyzelia - “Something Called Love” (Country)
John Stanislawski - “Break Up Break Down” (Country)
Arkady Joseph Gelman - “Battlefield” (Country)
Blake Griffith - “Like Hell” (Country)
PJ Ju - “One Truck Mind” (Country)
Layne Bruno - “White Picket Fence” (Country)
Richard Waterman - “Loving A Lie (Obsession)” (Pop)
Joe Slyzelia - “Black Leather Bible” (Country)
Janine de Souza - “"BACKUP PLAN" by Kelly McGrath, Brad McKinney, and Janine de Souza” (Country)
Arlon Sheffield - “SOMETIMES THING BREAK” (Country)
Gene Ezell - “Unafraid” (Gospel)
Gene Ezell - “Who I Am” (Gospel)
Check back tomorrow for a list of the 10-15 songs that SUCCESSFULLY MADE the Publisher Luncheon CD for WINTER 2017!